Casitas Tenorio on the Radio

Today Pippa from Casitas Tenorio B&B along with other small business owners from Bijagua were interviewed by Doris Falconer from the national radio program “TURISTEANDO” (travelling as tourist!) 98.7 FM on Radio Columbia.

We spoke about how difficult this period of “zero tourism” has been for our community due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working together as a community with the local chamber of tourism (Cámara de tourism de Rio celeste -CATURI) to ensure that we can open our businesses up again catering for domestic tourists, ensuing that all protocols are in place. Hotels can now operate at 50% capacity, restaurants are open as is the National Park Volcano Tenorio.

Places to visit in Bijagua:

During the radio program, we spoke about the  many things that people can do in Bijagua including:

  • Tenorio Volcano National Park and the Rio Celeste
  • Trails in the rainforest (Springs Paradise and Tapir Valley Nature Reserve)
  • Tours (tubing chocolate farm, horse-riding)
  • Local restaurants which serve typical Costa Rican dishes (Soda las Tinajitas)


  • Danny Rivera: Hotel Volcanoes Rio Celeste
  • Jonny Mendez : Spring Paradise
  • Roxana Arce: Soda Las Tijitas
  • Elliete Artavia: Las Aves de Tierras Altas
  • Nana Charcón:  Tourism Professional and representative of the National Chamber of Rural Tourism Cámara de Experiencias Rurales TR y TRC
  • Pippa Kelly: Owner Casitas Tenorio B&B

It’s inspiring to work with other small business to help promote Bijagua as a destination where visitors can experience the authentic rural Costa Rica, and we hope we can receive many local and international guests again soon.

Thank-you to Doris Falconer and the team from the national radio program “TURISTEANDO

About the Radio Program Radio TURISTEANDO:

Turisteando is an innovative radio alternative that provides the listening  with updated information on the events in the Costa Rican tourism sector, analysis of events, trends and the best opportunities for travel, leisure and recreation in Costa Rica.

Tune in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 9:25 a.m. on Radio Columbia’s 98.7 FM and 760 AM frequencies.

Doris Falconer has a consolidated journalistic career in the sector. She offers a space where business owners in the sector build public image, and offers local tourism entities and institutions a means of connection with audiences and especially with the consumer.

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