Frequently Asked Quesions (FAQs)

Will I be able to see a sloth? What time is breakfast? Find the answers below!

At Casitas Tenorio, you’re perfectly placed to visit Rio Celeste and the Volcano Tenorio National Parks– two of Costa Rica’s most beautiful sites. There’s so much to see and do around the farm and village itself – hiking, bird watching and horse riding – you can have the full Costa Rican experience right here. Let the local people, geography and wildlife treat you to a truly incredible stay.
We are located on google maps and the WAZE app. You can download detailed PDF instructions here. Google Map
Our exact location is: +10° 43′ 11.93″, -85° 2′ 31.92″
We are located about 10km from the entrance to the Volcano Tenorio National park where Rio Celeste is located. The travel time is about 35 minutes in car, as the road is unpaved and bumpy in some parts. A vehicle with high wheel clearance is recommended.
The driving time between San Jose and Casitas Tenorio is about four hours. You can see more information about travel times and directions on our location page.
The road from Bijagua to Casitas Tenorio is unpaved. At times it can be rough but a 4×4 is not needed, however a car with high wheel clearance is recommended.
You can access Bijagua from direct public buses from San Jose, Upala and Liberia. You can see timetables online here.
While some people are only able to stay one night- we recommend that you make a reservation for at least two nights to truly appreciate the local area and activities that are on offer at Casitas Tenorio and in the local area.
Our farm supports many species of birds and mammals. We have hummingbirds, toucans sloths, monkeys and kinkajous make regular visits to our extensive tropical gardens.
We have protected the forest habitat of many animals including sloths! It’s not uncommon to be able to spot a two-toed or three-toed sloth onsite at Casitas Tenorio! Remember they are wild animals and it’s not always possible to spot them!
You can spend days at Casitas Tenorio just bird watching, and the great thing is, you don’t need to leave your casita to do it! You can except to spot Toucans, Aracaris, Tanagers, hummingbirds and Honeycreepers. We have had many bird watching groups and photographers visit Casitas Tenorio. Please see our bird list here
Casitas Tenorio is located in a humid rainforest setting and we receive high rates of rainfall. We recommend that you pack closed shoes for hiking, long pants, insect repellent, rain jacket, travel umbrella, flashlight, hat and a camera. You can also pack some items to donate to the community.
There are many activities available in the local area. Most people who come and stay will visit the Volcano Tenorio National park where the Rio Celeste river is located. We also highly recommend the night tour at Frog’s paradise.
We work with local bilingual guides. Going to the national park with a guide provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of the area as well as meeting someone from our local community and gaining an insight into local customs and culture. You would also be engaging in responsible tourism and sporting local rural tourism. We work with several local guides and you can contact them directly to organize a tour.
Casitas Tenorio is located in a humid tropical environment. There are many bugs and insects that we share our environment with. We recommend that you bring bug spray and where long pants/sleeves at night time. All our rooms are screened. You do not need to worry about Malaria or Dengue when visiting our area.
Bijagua is located in the valley between Volcano Miravalles and Volcano Tenorio. The weather is influenced by the Caribbean and can quickly change. We experience over 4000mm of rainfall a year, you can’t have the rainforest without rain!
You can visit Casitas Tenorio year round. The driest months are March and April and August through to October.
Yes! Each day, we serve breakfast in our open air lounge and dining area everyday from 7.30am. It’s an area we’ve designed for guests to breakfast with some of the local wildlife We pride ourselves on offering homemade and wholesome breakfasts using as many ingredients from our farm and local area including freshly grown organic fruits, our homemade bread, butter, jam and cheese. freshly laid eggs, and fresh cows milk.
We currently don’t offer a dinner service at Casitas Tenorio. We however have he menus of local restaurants and you can order takeaway to Casitas Tenorio and our local driver will deliver your meal to your casita!
We have received really positive feedback from guests about their experience at Casitas Tenorio. You can read some comments from previous guests here. You can also visit our page on TripAdvisor to read some comments of past guests at Casitas Tenorio. We were added to the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame this year for having received excellent reviews for five consecutive years.
Yes! We have accepted volunteers who have worked at Casitas Tenorio and in the local community. Do you have a particular skill or passion? Please contact us or visit our volunteering page to find our more information.
There are many ways in which you can give back to our local community. You may like to pack some supplies for the local schools or engage in volunteering. You can also eat in our local town and buy your supplies here, supporting other small businesses.
Rural community tourism consists of planned touristic experiences which are integrated sustainably with the rural environment and developed by local citizen organizations for the benefit of the community.’ – ICT, UNDP and the Alliance for RCT, 2005.
For us, rural tourism means integrating our B&B with our farm to provide guests with an opportunity to see and participate in rural Costa Rican life. It’s about making tourism part of the community, rather than creating new communities to cater to tourists.
At Casitas Tenorio, we welcome all types of guests including guests with children. Our farm is a wonderful place for children to explore the outdoors and learn about nature and the tropical rainforest. Children can be involved in milking a cow, feeding the chickens and spotting wildlife. Our children also enjoy meeting and sharing time with children.
Casitas Tenorio is a wonderful place to celebrate your honeymoon. It’s peaceful and romantic and the casitas are perfect for honeymooners. You won’t be disappointed.
At Casitas Tenorio we do not discriminate based on race, religion or sexual orientation. We welcome all guests including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers.
We welcome all types of travelers at Casitas Tenorio and do not discriminate. We have one room which is built to standards for people with disabilities, however it may be difficult to enjoy the full of extent of our gardens if you a mobility impaired. Please contact us in regards to your specific needs.
Yes! You must buy your tickets online. Tickets will no longer be sold at the park office. You can reserve up to three months in advance. Tickets can be purchased via the SINAC website. You need to make an account first and then purchase your tickets. We recommend doing this as soon as is feasible, as when we did a trial to purchase some tickets, the system took a long time to send the confirmation email to set up the profile. You need to make an account on the SINAC site and purchase your tickets here: Tickets are for timed entry- so you must select the time that you want to enter, and you can enter up for 40 mins after your allocated time. The time slots are from 8.00am-2.00pm. There are no refunds if you are late, or if the weather is rainy and the river is not blue.
Pip Kelly is the owner and manager of Casitas Tenorio. She has three daughters and is originally from Australia but now is also a proud Costa Rican citizen.
We recommend that you book directly with us on our webpage. You will be assured that no commission is paid to large companies and you are supporting a small business in rural Costa Rica. It’s safe and secure to book directly with us and you can contact us at anytime about your reservation requirements.
Bijagua is quintessentially Costa Rican – it’s not uncommon to see people using horses for transport through the town, and you can still buy a machete in the hardware store. As in any farming community, everyone in Bijagua relies on each other – we’re united by a great sense of pride in our community, and in the incredible forest that surrounds us.Bijagua is in a unique wildlife zone between Volcano Miravalles and Volcano Tenorio.
Bijagua has also been declared of being part of the ‘Water and Life’ (Agua y Paz) Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The reserve is comprised of eight core zones that are protected wildlife areas legally constituted and that are administered through the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC).
We have a laundry service and will gladly wash and dry your clothes for a small fee.
There are many great places to eat in Bijagua. We recommend the Pizzeria El Barriogon, Soda Las Tinajitas and La Casita de Maiz. You can find all of these on TripAdvisor and also on the PDF map of Bijagua.
The Fiestas Bijagua are held annually in April the fiestas raise money for the local community and include a traditional horse ride, hose competition, rodeos and other traditional events in central Bijagua. They are a great spectacle and insight into Costa Rican culture!
Unfortunately we are unable to accept pets at Casitas Tenorio.
Wifi is available in the open air lounge and dining area, but not in the rooms. It’s perfect for switching off and truly unwinding, but just connected enough to keep in touch when it suits you.
Yes, you can buy rubber boots (and a machete!) in Bijagua at the hardware store. During the high season there might also be an option to rent boots at the national park entrance.
Should I celebrate a special occasion at Casitas Tenorio?
Our online calendar is ‘up to date’ and ‘live’. It changes as soon as someone makes or modifies a reservation. What we have found is that lots of changes happen! If the dates that you require are not available, we encourage you to please check the calendar again in the future as you may just become lucky and the dates you require may just open up! You can also e-mail us to be on a waiting list for specific dates
You can ride the public bus or come in a private shuttle. Please contact us for further information.
If you have the budget- absolutely! It gives you freedom and also is more time efficient!