Our Farm

Come and see the farm for yourself

Join us for a farm tour in the morning where you can have the opportunity to see our farm, feed the animals and milk a cow. Casitas Tenorio is set on a small farm of about seventeen acres. We milk eight dairy cows by hand twice a day and sell the milk to the local cheese factory that makes cheese and distributes it around Costa Rica. We also have free range chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, a horse and two dogs called Whisky and Dingo. Donald and Pip both come from farming backgrounds and enjoy growing our own food and raising our own animals.

We plant many crops year round including corn, beans, coriander, chili, yucca and cucumbers. We have numerous fruit trees including papaya, guanabana, cas, oranges and mandarin, and also banana and pineapple plants. Our extensive gardens include medicinal plants and a large variety of Heliconias. We grow crops for our own consumption and also share with our guests and swap with our neighbours. We are committed to sustainable and organic farming. We also raise milking cows and at various times we have pigs. We milk twice a day and sell our milk to a local cheese factory which supports 46 local families. We focus on living in harmony with nature and really enjoy working on the farm together as a family.

Rainforest at Casitas Tenorio

There is some remnant rainforest here at Casitas Tenorio. This forest was part of the primary rainforest that once covered the area right down to the village. This forest was cleared in the 1980s by the government in order to distribute parcels of land to families in need. A micro-credit scheme allocated land to families of low economic status who were provided with some livestock and crops and encouraged to grow and produce their own food. The part of the forest which remains at Casitas Tenorio was retained to provide windbreaks for the fields. Today the wooded boundaries of the property create a forest ‘island’ habitat providing much needed food and habitat for our families of monkeys and sloths, and not to mention birds and other animals.

We’ve let much of the forest regenerate naturally and have also been working with the local youth group to reforest parts of the property, hoping to further extend the forested areas found on the farm and therefore preserving this unique resource. The forest on our property is part of the biological corridor between Volcano Tenorio and Volcano Miravalles.

Guest Comments

Enchanting casitas and wonderful hosts!

We stayed three nights and enjoyed every day hiking and exploring the environs, including the beautiful Rio Celeste. Donald and Pip are wonderful hosts who support many of the local businesses and are building their own sustainable eco-farm. Every morning we had a wonderful breakfast, watching the many birds and wildlife come to taste their homegrown bananas. Jonathan does the farm tour every morning and is great with the animals and with the visiting kids. We even got to milk the cow! Such a beautiful area in the rainforest… Carl, C.

Fantastic Family Experiences

The family who runs this place create a world away from it all and give their all to create a magical and unforgettable experience. Our children all want to go back for a visit! The farm tour is a must! Accommodations were nice, food great, guidance on what to do super helpful (tubing and horseback two thumbs up), and the nature around (birds, sloths, plants, etc.) just awesome! Rob, L.

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