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“We are committed to giving back to our community. Community development and sustainable tourism are really important to us –we live here,” said Pip Kelly Varela, who co-owns the B&B with her husband Donald Varela. “This is wonderful. I can’t wait to sell it.”

Becoming Costa Rican: 5 new Ticas celebrate Independence Day

Pip (short for Pippa) Kelly is an Australian entrepreneur who radiates enthusiasm – especially when talking about Costa Rica and her journey to become a Tica.

Multigenerational family travel isn’t for the birds

Stepping out of our casita’s stone shower with windows facing onto the lush forest, I jumped at the sound of my 7-year-old’s panicked voice.

What’s it like to Travel in Costa Rica?

It was only natural that we had to travel in Costa Rica, the first country to run 100% on renewable energy and home to 5% of the world’s species.  If you’ve followed our blog you know we’re super passionate about wildlife and nature

Casitas Tenorio B&B: One of the Best Hotels Near Rio Celeste

Have you ever stayed at a hotel where you dreaded the moment you had to leave? You savored each second of your last night, already planning the day you’ll be back because the hotel made your stay that very special.

Self-driving in Costa Rica for Families

Our favourite place to stay here is a B&B set on a working organic farm. It’s ideal for families, particular those self-driving in Costa Rica with younger children. They will love meeting the resident rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and goats as well as helping to milk the cows and collecting eggs from the chickens for breakfast!

Bijagua: A Gateway to the Rio Celeste Waterfall

Nestled in a lush valley between two dormant volcanoes is the town of Bijagua. This rural village is probably best known as a stop-over destination for those visiting the nearby Rio Celeste Waterfall. And while the famously blue waterfall is quickly becoming a must-see attraction, the town itself remains peaceful and undeveloped

Author’s Packing for a Purpose adventures – making a big impact

Pip and Donald from Casitas Tenorio Bed and Breakfast have been volunteering in the region for over 15 years and have recently partnered up with the Pack for a Purpose program. Pip is an English teacher from Australia and Donald is an eco-tourism operator from Costa Rica. This is their story about being involved in the PfaP program.

Travelling Costa Rica with kids

Agrotourism allows guests to experience authentic, rural Tico life: kids can help take care of farm animals, observe the sugar cane harvest and learn about sustainable farming practices. The eco-forward Finca Terra Viva ( and their neighbors at Capulín Cabinas & Farmare excellent choices near Santa Elena.

Casitas Tenorio B&B – Costa Rica

Why do we travel around Costa Rica? Easy answer: to experience its nature! Many just come for the beach and waves, and that’s great, but Costa Rica has so much more to offer, the forest is one of the most impressive sights to experience in this country. In the northern plains of Costa Rica there’s a small town called Bijagua, settled in the middle of two volcanoes, Tenorio and Miravalles.

VV Grow Fellowship: Philippa Kelly Casitas Tenorio B&B

Philippa owns and operates a small bed and breakfast business, called Castitas Tenorio B&B, in rural Costa Rica with her husband. They focus on rural community based tourism to promote sustainable economic and social development in their small community.

Tapir Valley Night Walk

Tapir Valley is a huge property near Tenorio Volcano National Park that is owned by a local named Donald.

Casitas Tenorio B&B the Number #1 Best B&B in Costa Rica

Travelers’ Choice awards are the highest honor TripAdvisor can give – meaning Casitas Tenorio B&B is truly exceptional.

How to Save the World

CAMPBELL: Not every country is lucky enough to have Costa Rica’s natural energy

Por el norte de Costa Rica, con onda verde

La bandera de Costa Rica es roja blanca y azul, pero debería ser verde toda verde. Porque este pequeño país Centroamérica se rige por principios ecológicos y medio ambientales super estrictos, que provocan admiración y envidia en dosis similares.

Déjese enamorar por la Zona Norte Más que turismo rural

En Bijagua de Upala se ubica Casitas Tenorio, un proyecto en armonía con el medio ambiente que ofrece hospedaje a los visitantes en modalidad de Bead & Breakfast.

Encuentro entre productores y hoteleros impulsa consumo de productos locales

Con el objetivo de impulsar el consumo de productos locales en los hoteles, dinamizar la economía, así como, crear y mantener fuentes de empleo, esta mañana se realizó el “Primer Encuentro entre Pequeños Productores Agrícolas y Empresarios Turísticos de Upala, Los Chiles, Guatuso y Bagaces”.

Vamos a Turistear!

Da un vistazo Cuentan con seis ‘Casitas’ privadas (casas pequeñas / bungalows). Todas las casitas han sido cuidadosamente diseñadas para que tu estadía sea lo más cómoda posible.

Casitas Tenorio- one of the best hotels near Rio Celeste

This stunning river, located near the base of the Tenorio Volcano, is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful destinations.

One of the family at Casitas Tenorio B&B

After a nice night of sleep listening to rain, we woke to the sun shining at Casitas Tenorio.

Birding at Casitas Tenorio B&B

We stayed at the nearby at the Casitas Tenorio, a small bed and breakfast where visitors stay in cabins and where the owners are very much in tune with the land and the wildlife

Birdwatching at Casitas Tenorio in Bijagua, Costa Rica

We were happy to head up into the cooler hills of Bijagua for the next part of our birding adventure

Grass roots ecotourism

“There are jaguars near Volcano Tenorio,” our host Donald Varela-Soto said as he refilled our cups with strong Costa Rican coffee.

Connectés à la nature jusque dans nos chambres au Costa Rica!

Décoration tropicale, nature peinte sur les murs, literie verdoyante, et une vue sur les jardins tropicaux avec de beaux couchers de soleil en prime… l’hôtel Casitas Tenorio B&B est fait pour tous les amoureux de nature qui voyagent au Costa Rica.

Casitas joliment décorées, accueil très chaleureux et petit déjeuner délicieux

Sur les hauteurs de Bijagua à quelques minutes du fameux Rio Celeste, 5 maisonnettes équipées et spacieuses en pleine nature

Rio Celeste: Wandern an Costa Ricas blauem Fluss

Ökotourismus in Costa Rica und ich pflanze einen Baum Am nächsten Tage erzählt uns das costaricanische-australische Paar Pip und Donald im Casitas Tenorio B&B von dem Aufbau ihrer Farm und Community basierten Tourismus. Sie haben für uns gekocht.

Rejseberetning; Læs her, hvad I kan opleve på rejser til Costa Rica

Vi opholdte os på Casitas Tenorio og i det smukke omkringliggende område i 3 nætter.

A small town unites to help Hurricane Otto victims

BIJAGUA, Alajuela – As most people know by now, Hurricane Ottocaused a path of devastationacross

Hurricane Otto leaves behind devastation in Bijagua

Hurricane Otto’s path across northern Costa Rica took a disastrous toll on communities there, as 10 deaths have been confirmed and thousands of people were affected

Casitas Tenorio Pura Vida University

Casitas Tenorio B&B es más que un lugar para hospedarse – es una invitación a experimentar la vida costarricense como parte de nuestra comunidad.

The Birds of Bijagua

After Arenal, we stayed in a lovely place in Bijagua, nestled between two volcanos, Tenorio and Miravalle. We stayed at the impressive and lovely Casitas Tenorio up the hill from the town of Bijagua.

Visitar Casitas Tenorio para aprender sobre el turismo rural

¡Te invitamos a aprender sobre Turismo Rural Costa Rica!

Casitas Tenorio es nuestro negocio y nuestro hogar. Somos Donald Varela Soto y Pip Kelly Varela y somos una pareja costarricense / australiana.

Un viaje que valió la pena

El día viernes nos levantamos ante los cantos de muchísimas aves en los grandes árboles que dominan el terreno de Casitas Tenorio, que amablemente nos albergó en su paraíso para observar aves.

Casitas Tenorio and Bijagua in Northern Costa Rica

Birding and great hospitality. You will be welcomed by Pip (a cool Aussie and proud Costa Rican) married to Donald (a knowlegeable Tico who knows the area like the back of his hand).

Casitas Tenorio è un ottimo posto dove stare!

Gestito da una simpatica coppia Tica-australiana, questo B&B ha una manciata di bungalow. Ho alloggiato nella loro Casita El Sol, all’inizio di quest’anno e mi è piaciuto. Il legno locale è stato utilizzato per tutto. Nello spazio per la colazione si ha la vista sul vulcano e si è intrattenuti dal canto di molti uccelli. Prezzi $ 85-130 a notte in camera doppia.

Authentic Costa Rica: What to do in rural Bijagua

On the road to the national park, Tapir Valley offers visitors a private and exclusive walk in a reforested pasture land surrounded by primary forest and a swamp. It is a real score for birders and photographers who want to get close to nature in less touristy areas.

Bijagua: The perfect weekend getaway

My number one recommendation is to stay at Casitas Tenorio. Casitas Tenorio is a family owned B&B located on the foothills of Volcano Tenorio about 2.5km from the village of Bijagua. They are located about 10km from the entrance to the Volcano Tenorio National Park where Rio Celeste is located.

Costa Rica, paradis végétal et tropical

La « Suisse de l’Amérique centrale » recèle des trésors de biodiversité. Les amoureux de nature seront subjugués. Les amateurs de café et de chocolat aussi.

Five destinations for the mindful traveler

The charming Casitas Tenorio B&B and Farm is the perfect nature retreat for travelers seeking relaxation and natural beauty, with the Rio Celeste and Volcano Tenorio National Park both a short drive away.

Bain de nature au Costa Rica

Au petit déjeuner, notre hôtesse australienne,
Pippa, nous sert l’incontournable gallo pinto
– qui signifie littéralement “coq tacheté” –
du riz mélangé avec des frijoles, des petits
haricots noirs –, accompagné d’oeufs (de la

Visitando el Parque Nacional Volcan Tenorio

En Tenorio pasamos una noche en un Bed and Breakfast en el medio de la selva llamado Casitas Tenorio, que de por sí fue todo un éxito y en el alojamiento que mas cómodos nos sentimos. Que tengas la atención directa de los dueños y que a la vez sean tan amables supera cualquier otra cosa.

Un grand bain de nature au Costa Rica Chez Pippa et ses amis

Cette Australienne était venue pour une année de volontariat dans une ONG. Elle n’est jamais vraiment repartie. Aujourd’hui mariée et mère de deux petites filles, elle a créé avec Donald, son mari costaricain, un lodge en pleine forêt, Casitas Tenorio.

Your very own house in the costa rican rainforest- breakfast included!

Donald and Pippa own a group of six small houses (casita means small house in Spanish) near the Tenorio volcano in the rural Costa Rican village of Bijagua- and their houses are the perfect place for families looking for an authentic Costa Rican travel experience.

Kleines grünes Wunderland

Der Käse kommt von den eigenen Kühen und Pip bietet Schulungen für die Mitarbeiter, in denen umweltfreundliche Arbeitsweisen erklärt werden. Mittlerweile machen die ersten Reisegruppen aus Deutschland in den geräumigen Holzhütten Urlaub.

Casitas Tenorio in Bijagua in der Nähe des Volcano Tenorio National Park.

Casitas Tenorio in Bijagua in der Nähe des Volcano Tenorio National Park.

Una australiana que ahora es una tica más

En nuestro segmento ‘Un tico más’ conoceremos la historia de una australiana que se casó con un upaleño y se convirtió en una tica más.