Tapir Valley Nature Reserve

Tapir Valley is a private reserve. Donald and two others bought the land more than 15 years ago to protect the valuable rainforest habitat for many animals, such as the threatened Baird’s tapir. The reserve covers over 220 acres and primary and secondary tropical forest and is adjacent to the Tenorio Volcano National Park. www.tapirvalley.com


This is a journey in the fragile habitat of the Baird’s Tapir. It is not a visit that can guarantee the observation of a tapir. Tapirs are endangered animals and Tapir’s observations are rare. Our tours are intended for nature lovers and people wishing to discover the rainforest environment with a local guide and interested in the ecology of its system.

Tour Information

Entry strictly by reservation only. No walk-ins. Exclusive private tours with qualified expert guides. www.tapirvalley.com

See more wildlife

than in the national park

“Not as crowded as the National Park on the road, the Tapir Valley gives visitors the opportunity to see much more flora and fauna. We went there at night (check the schedules to make sure this option is available) and saw countless frogs, sleeping birds, snakes and even a tapir! We also went back during the day to observe the birds. Our guide, Donald, is a passionate birdwatcher and he could spot animals that were completely invisible to me before he indicated them. If you are in Bijagua, do not miss the Tapir Valley!”


Great birds, excellent guide and more!

“My friends and I (birders and photographers) went to Tapir Valley a few days ago and we were very surprised about the huge variety of birds that you can find in the property. The place is on the way to Rio Celeste, surrounded by beautiful rain forest with open areas, forested areas, water ponds and flowers what makes it a great deal for birds.
The trails are very well maintained, flat and easy to walk. We spent the morning with expert bird guide Donald, he is an amazing birder he can tell you what the birds are by their calls. He also knows the best places to find the rare birds in the area. We had great views and pictures of Snowcap hummingbird, trogons, toucans, hawks, tanagers among many others. We even got to see the elusive Black eared wood quail. If you are around Bijagua dont miss the opportunity to see the Tapir valley with and expert like Donald”.


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