Tapir Valley

Discover unparalleled nature in our private nature reserve. Here you will experience some of the best birdwatching in the country.


Tapir Valley  is a nature reserve reserve located in rural northern Costa Rica. Donald and two other people purchased the land over ten years ago with the vision of protecting valuable rainforest habitat for many animals including the endangered Baird's Tapir. The reserve covers over 220 hectares of primary and secondary rainforest and adjoins the Volcano Tenorio National park.  Here you will experience some of the best birding in Costa Rica and be able to enjoy exclusive access to a rainforest paradise and even have the chance to see the illusive Tapir. Once we had to hike about two hours from the nearest road to access Tapir Valley. Now the main road to the Volcano Tenorio National Park passes in front of the property. This makes access easier, but is also bringing more road traffic to the area which can have an impact on the mammals that use this area to access their habitat. Tapir Valley is managed by Donald and Pip. https://www.tapirvalley.org   

Disclosure: This is a journey into the fragile habitat of the Tapir. This is not a tour that can guarantee a sighting of a tapir. Tapirs are endangered animals and sightings of the Tapir are rare. Our tours are for nature lovers and people that want to experience the rainforest environment with a local guide and who are interested in the ecology of the rainforest system. TOUR INFORMATION Entry strictly by reservation only. No walk ins. Exclusive private tours with trained expert guides. Tour times: 6am, 10am and 5pm daily