Hospitality Abounds

What an incredibly adorable place to cut our teeth in Costa Rica. My boys 11/12 wanted a beach vacation in Costa Rica. But Costa Rica is soooo much more than that. So I wanted them to have an authentic experience too.
Casitas Tenorio was about as authentic as you can get. Our family of 4 stayed in the most darling 2 room casita with a jungle facing shower. Very private and immaculately clean. It was the perfect jump
off point to Rio Celeste, which was an incredible hike in and of itself.
The reason I selected this particular property was because other reviews had mentioned that they put together soccer games with local kids and our youngest is an avid soccer player and lover. However, once we returned from and hike to when the match was to be played, it was pouring down rain. After waiting 45 min, we thought it might be a loss. However, Donald (the owner) took my son in the pouring rain to the soccer field on property and had two of his teenage helpers play 2 on 2. It was so much fun to watch. They were in HUGE white rain boots and handled the ball as if they had Ronaldo’s cleats on! They slipped and slid and played in the rain and puddles. Donald MADE my youngests vacation without a doubt.
The breakfast was delicious and the family of 7 howler monkeys kept us entertained with their bellows in the nearby tree. We could see them so clearly! In addition , my boys got to milk the cow! Great photos and memories!
Do NOT hesitate to book. This is a lifetime experience. This is what you want Costa Rica to feel like!

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