Pip and Donald will customize your rainforest experience

Casitas Tenorio sits up a winding, flowery lane from an enchanting town at the base of a volcano. There is some agriculture onsite — a group of charming cows that graze the hillside overlooking the volcano — and Pip and Donald have done a majestic job of replanting the rainforest. They have cultivated a fanciful hiking trail filled with pineapple spears, human-dwarfing birds of paradise, and gnarly, giant trees.

The cabins are perfect: bathrooms with colorful murals and large skylights. There’s plenty of hot water; towels folded into cute animals on each bed; and fresh flowers everywhere. It felt like we were living in the Avatar forest.

The breakfast nook has a large feeder with fruits to attract birds and animals, and in the morning Pip and her mother-in-law will make you a delicious locally-sourced breakfast while, if you wish, telling you about how a young Australian from a small village visited Costa Rica and five years later returned to be with the love of her life and start this beautiful bed and breakfast. Do not miss the opportunity to stay in this wonderful place with great people. Rio Celeste is just a short, beautiful, ride away, and you will not be sorry you experienced a small utopia and met Pip and Donald.

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