Rainforest Dreaming

The entire region where Casitas Tenorio lies is like something out of “Lord of the Rings” with majestic volcanos, wondrous forests, extraordinary brilliantly colored birds, reptiles and amphibians. Monkeys and sloths hang out in the treetops and cute marsupials will pass you by with a wink! There are beautiful farmlands with the famous Guanacaste trees that shelter the cattle and horses under their “umbrella” canopy.

In this magical land Casitas Tenorio is a great place to come to rest for a while; friendly and caring hosts Pip and Donald made us feel at home, the room was comfortable and cozy with plenty of hot water (rare in central America) and hearty food. Experiencing the flora and fauna present, combined with the “working farm” environment was very unique and enjoyable and Donald’s wide knowledge of the region’s nature made it more fascinating.

We’ll definitely go back there if we can sometimes.

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