Discover the reasons for why you should stay with us at Casitas Tenorio B&B


Casitas Tenorio B&B, in the heart of Bijagua is the perfect destination for nature lovers and anyone who wants to see and feel authentic Costa Rica. The casitas at Casitas Tenorio have been built in a forest setting, surrounded by native plants which attract large numbers of birds and butterflies. Luxury in nature.

1. Experience the authentic Costa Rica

Bijagua is a small town set in a valley between Miravalles Volcano and Tenorio Volcano. While there are enough services and shopping to fill most needs, the town still manages to retain its authentic look and feel. The farmer who parks his horse outside the supermarket to go shopping; the small cows being driven down the street to a new pasture; the cultural events held throughout the year -all these make Bijagua “authentic Costa Rica.”

2. Not a hotel -individual bungalows

Unlike large hotels with many impersonal rooms, Casitas Tenorio B&B features individual bungalows (or Casitas), each with its own furnishing and personality. This not only providesa more pleasant experience, but privacy and the ability to enjoy one’s own little corner of Costa Rica.

3. Become part of the family

Casitas Tenorio B&B is family owned and operated and our children and extended family are part of the process. Ask one of our daughters how to find a sloth and she will be happy to take you on the trail and show you! We endeavour to make our employees feel part of our family and we think your first interaction with them will show that.

4. See wildlife

Abundant wildlife only 3 km from the center of town. Enjoy the spectacular “show” put on by the birds at our breakfast/reception area and keep an eye out for the coatimundi who sneaks into the bird feeding area to get a snack. Of course, sloths and monkeys as well as beautiful squirrels are just part of the possibilities.

5. Experience farm life

Familiarize yourself about farming in Costa Rica and learn to milk a cow! Our morning “Farm Tour” conducted by one of our farm workers will show you all the plants and animals that we raise on our property. You or your kids might be able to feed one of our baby cows!

6. Great service

Friendly service is the standard at Casitas Tenorio B&B. Our family welcomes you and is available to help make your visit with us or your visit anywhere in Costa Rica as good as it can be. We are always available to provide information or help you resolve any problems.

7. Give back to the community

At Casitas Tenorio, we are very involved with our community. In addition to sponsoring classes of various types, we use “Pack for a Purpose” to help with local schools and local families, provide assistance in times of emergencies and we are very involved in several community organizations.

8. Great location

Only 2.5 km from the center of Bijagua, but a world away! Turn into our driveway and you leave everything behind and enjoy the beautiful forested surroundings as well as the many birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

9. Local knowledge

We have lived in Bijagua a long time and can help with any questions you have about the area. Our involvement in the community and our local knowledge allows us to make recommendations to you that are perhaps unique.

10. Rainforest setting

Our property is a mixture of rainforest, some open spaces and pastures.The casitas are situated in rainforest areas and it’s easy to find old trees and special plants of the rainforest. Casitas Tenorio B&B is perfect for couples because of the privacy and the ability to just relax and enjoy the surroundings.