Make a donation

Make a donation


We are a small family business supporting other families in our community. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing the ‘Zero Season’ in tourism. With no guests to host and no income, we are looking for other ways to ensure that we can still operate.

We are accepting donations via PayPal.

All donations go directly to the Casitas Tenorio B&B project, and are used to pay workers  and overheads and to  ensuring that our farm animals have food.

We really appreciate your support at this time.

Other ways you can support us:

Buy a gift Card

Consider a Casitas gift card as a way to treat yourself or someone you love with the knowledge that

a Costa Rican vacation is waiting ahead – and support our family-run business and our community!

Fill out the details in our checkout below and we’ll email you a gift card immediately.

Your gift card is transferable and can be used to reserve the Casitas of your choice within 24 months from purchase.

Book an online Virtual Farm Tours, LIVE from Costa Rica!

Would you like to…

travel to rural Costa Rica during your next online call?

put a smile on the face of your co-workers and friends?

give your far-off relative and friends a reunion you’ll never forget?

feed your family’s love of travel as you meet farm animals, sloths and monkeys?

take a break from homeschooling while a professional educator guides your kids through a unique learning experience?

The team at Casitas Tenorio B&B in Costa Rica is ready to help you!

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