Support our community and buy a gift made locally.  


The Gift Sloth

Need something to remember us by?

Or something to inspire your friends and family to visit? The Sloth Souvenirs gift shop stocks products handmade locally with lots of love. Every dollar you spend here goes directly to the artist whose work you buy. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented craftspeople and artists! We even have indigenous Maleku artefacts created by friends of Pip’s from the Tonjibe and Margarita reserves, where Pip volunteered in 2001. We hope you find something you like so you can have a little bit of Costa Rica with you at home.

The Gift Sloth is a little more than a gift shop, truth be told. Like so many things at Casitas Tenorio it’s part of a bigger project which provides professional development to artists in things like design practice and marketing skills.   The shop operates on the principles of fair trade whereby local producers are paid a fair price for their products and receive capacity building.

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