Come and discover our local village of Bijagua

The Village of Bijagua

As you drive to Bijagua from the hot plains of Guanacaste, you gradually travel up.... and up... and you can see the change in your surroundings.  From those plains to the magnificent volcanoes with their forests.  Through the village of Rio Naranjo and not far to a gap in the mountains were you can often see orchids growing and just beyond is Bijagua, nestled between Miravalles Volcano and Tenorio Volcano. Bijagua is in a unique wildlife zone between Volcano Miravalles and Volcano Tenorio. The warm winds from the Caribbean rise to form condensation and rain then falls between the two volcanoes, resulting in a unique micro climate home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna including numerous endemic species. The area has also been declared of being part of the ‘Water and Life’ (Agua y Paz) Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The reserve is comprised of eight core zones that are protected wildlife areas legally constituted and that are administered through the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC). There is so much for nature lovers to love! Increasingly, this forest is bringing new visitors to Bijagua – located in the lush tropical biological corridor between Volcano Tenorio and Volcano Miravalles with easy access to Volcan Tenorio National Park and Rio Celeste. More visitors to the area provide have been a big incentive for people in Bijagua to learn English. Pip has delivered classes to all age levels in the town.

Bijagua is quintessentially Costa Rican – it’s not uncommon to see people using horses for transport through the town, and you can still buy a machete in the hardware store. Bijagua has a typical Costa Rican economy also: most of the industry in the area is agriculture and most of that from cows.  We have a community run cheese factory that makes cheese from locally produced milk and distributes it all over the country and there’s a weekly farmers’ market on Saturday where you find the local produce (including cheese made from the local factory). Bijagua is host to several annual fiestas, including a rodeo and a cabalgata in April, Contact us for exact dates. It’s Costa Rica at its best! As sleepy as it is, Bijagua can provide services and shopping as needed. With a small clinic, a new doctor in town and a dentist, any health care issues you might have during your stay can be addressed as you need. Shopping at one of the two large supermarkets or one of the many small tiendas (shops) can provide whatever you might need. Hardware stores, a bank with ATM, restaurants and mechanics round out the town.  Mainly, it's the friendly people you will remember. As in any farming community, everyone in Bijagua relies on each other – we’re united by a great sense of pride in our community, and in the incredible forest that surrounds us. Tourism in the area works in in balance with the everyday life of farmers and their families. You will be really welcome to join us for your stay.



We encourage our guests to eat and buy locally.

Las Tinajitas 

A “soda” (restaurant that serves typical food) that has been around a long time – with good reason.  You can always count on a good meal, whatever time of day you show up. 


A local restaurant specialising in seafood.

Pizzeria el Barrigon 

Delicious pizza as well as a menu of local offerings. 

La Choza de Maiz

A good example of authentic Costa Rica where all your food is cooked on a wood fire.


Bank (Banco Nacional)  with an ATM, two supermarkets, hardware stores, bakery, butcher shop, clothing stores.


Bank with an ATM

Two supermarkets

Hardware Store


Butcher Shop

Clothings Stores