Why not stay longer and roll up your sleeves, get involved and become a volunteer?


We have hosted volunteers from Costa Rica and all over the world on short and long term projects, including students completing internships as part of their university studies. Pip is a trained teacher and has been volunteering in several local primary schools for over ten  years. Donald has many connections in the community and has also co-ordianted many diverse projects in the community. Volunteering is an excellent way to experience Costa Rican culture and get to know more about our local environment, our farming practices local families, and the local community. You’ll also have the opportunity to improve your Spanish. We are looking for people with energy and enthusiasm who are passionate about sustainability and community development who would like to learn and work with us. Some of the many community projects we have worked on over the years at Casitas Tenorio include, environmental education programs to groups and schools, "Camp Green" which is a holiday camp for local students, day trips for students as well as for "Hogar de Adultos Mayores" or public home for the elderly,  English classes for people in our community. We have helped local schools, youth groups and the local home for the elderly with donations and worked with our municipality and the local development organization on various projects. 

Currently Hiring

English tutors: Must have teacher training. Volunteer project in the local school, groups in the community and working with staff at Casitas Tenorio B&B.

Marketing/Social media Intern: To work on the creation of content for our social media channels.

You might also like to read about out Pack for a Purpose program or even consider making a donation to Casitas Tenorio or a local group or organization. Please contact us.

Availability and living arrangements

We accept volunteers and interns on the basis of availability and experience. Volunteers can elect to stay at Casitas Tenorio or with a local host family. We generally accept volunteers for a minimum of four weeks

Duties and work hours

Volunteers can be involved in a wide range of projects including: farm work, maintenance, Teaching English to local community members, delivering environmental education programs, working with community groups or conducting ecology studies. In general, volunteers are expected to work five days a week alongside workers at Casitas Tenorio.

Cost and applications

Please contact us for more specific information as our needs vary throughout the year. You will need to provide a CV with references, complete an interview via Skype and have travel insurance to be able to volunteer at Casitas Tenorio. There is a cost involved for the homestay.